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Skin and hair related issues such as alopecia, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dandruff are no match for SprayPikk!


The “SprayPikk” is an applicator created by the hairstylist Rukey Styles. It dispenses topical medication to the scalp without disturbing the hair. Usually, one would have to shampoo daily or part the hair to apply ointment/cream that treats skin and hair related issues such as alopecia, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and severe dandruff. Both shampooing and parting destroy the existing hairstyle. This “Green” delivery system allows one to eliminate contamination and apply product with precision to the affected areas. Unaffected areas, such as hands or fingers remain clean and free of product.

The “SprayPikk” is used to treat animals with hair. Animals have the same skin disorders as humans in addition to fleas and ticks. The “SprayPikk” allows one to penetrate hair, administer treatment and navigate through hair with ease. Use of the “SprayPikk” will foster healthier heads and hair. People will no longer need to compromise style for the health of their scalp or hair.

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SprayPikk creates an unprecedented “Green” delivery of products to promote healing in humans and haired animals. Here are some additional benefits:


Apply medication to scalp without messing up hairstyle


Precise application of medication to affected areas of scalp or skin


Navigate through hair with ease to apply medication


Prevents application of medication to unaffected skin


Apply medication to scalp without wasting it on hair, hands and unaffected skin

Rukey Styles

Rukey Styles is an award-winning hairstylist who splits her time between working in a salon and on film sets, theater, television, and print.

sigimg0Rukey owns Harmony Restored LLC., located at 414 N. Orleans Ste. 209, where she performs non-surgical hair restoration. To give back to the community, Rukey teaches other hairstylists proper hair coloring techniques and classes for those interested in freelancing outside of his or her salon. She also styles hair for homeless and battered women.

It is fulfilling to know if just for a moment, these women can separate from their situations and feel good.

Now, Rukey’s business will include product and tool developments for the medical and beauty sectors.

Rukey has empathy for the styling concerns of those with alopecia and scalp disorders. Oftentimes, these women avoid using medication because the application wets the hair. This destroys the hairstyle and wastes medication on hair and unaffected skin. Rukey invented and has patents pending on a tool — SprayPikk — that dispenses medication directly to the scalp, and precisely where it is needed without destroying the hairstyle.




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